Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Alert! Alert!

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Ice Out Party at Sunsets in Wayzata Scheduled for Tuesday April 21st

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 05:01 AM PDT

WAYZATA.TV: Lake Minnetonka Ice Out means fishing and sailboats!

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 05:00 AM PDT

STAR TRIBUNE: Sex, lies and tee times intersect in Wayzata legal battle

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 04:59 AM PDT

WAYZATA LIONS: Volunteer for Thrivent Builds / Habitat for Humanity

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 04:44 AM PDT

WAYZATA PUBLIC SCHOOLS: District Prepares for Possible State Funding Freeze or Reductions

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 04:39 AM PDT

And the winner of's and Minneosota's Lake Minnetonka Ice Out contest is...

Posted: 15 Apr 2009 04:18 AM PDT

WAYZATA.TV: Lake Minnetonka Ice Out Report 04/14/2009 - Ice is off Lake Minnetonka!!!

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 05:48 AM PDT

DNR urges extra precautions for Prior Lake

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 05:29 AM PDT

STAR TRIBUNE: Polaroid Purchase is Linked to Fraud

Posted: 14 Apr 2009 03:05 AM PDT

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